Preventative Maintenance and Testing

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Keep Your Alarm System Safe and Up to Code

RB Allen Preventative Maintenence Preventative Fire Alarm Maintenance and Testing

R.B. Allen technicians have decades of experience in preventative maintenance of fire alarm systems. All technicians are licensed and factory certified. Together we can ensure that you avoid many of the pitfalls that can interrupt business.

R.B. Allen offers various preventative maintenance solutions for:

  • Fire alarm inspection, testing and maintenance
  • Mass notifications and life safety systems
  • Fire sprinkler system inspection, testing, and maintenance including fire pump, and hydrant testing
  • Fire barrier door inspections
  • Emergency and Exit Light Inspections
  • Special hazard fire suppression systems service
  • Portable fire extingusher inspections
  • Intelligibility testing

R.B. Allen also offers a variety of innovative solutions to save your business from downtime, including:

  • 24/7/365 emergency on-call technicians
  • Extended warranty on many of our strategic partner products
  • Convenient reference material for you and your building maintenance team
  • Reduced service rates for our contract customers
  • 24 hour access to online inspection reports through our website
  • Smoke detector refurbishment program to save you time and money
  • Third party inspection of various fire alarm and mass notification systems
  • Spare parts inventory progam to keep certain specific parts for your systems available to you all the time. No special order or extended downtimes!
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Sales, Installations, and Products

The R. B. Allen Company will work with you through every aspect of the design, submittal, and approval process of your fire alarm system.

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System Repair & Emergency Services

24/7/365 support for all of our customers. In an emergency, our contracted customers can contact our call center and be connected with an on-call technician.

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Whether your fire alarm and life safety system needs are simple or complex, R. B. Allen Company can provide solutions that deliver safety and peace of mind.

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Massachusetts State Bid List

For our public customers; significant benefits can be realized by buying off the statewide contract known as COMM-PASS. COMM-PASS is the only official procurement record system for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Benefits include time savings as well as quality products at competitive prices. The State has already done the vendor screening and offers their program to all qualified public entities. The R.B. Allen Co., Inc. is proud to be included in several State contracts, one of which may be right for you. If you would like additional information on this program please contact us.