Gamewell-FCI Introduces New S3 Fire Alarm Panel


Gamewell-FCI Introduces New S3 Fire Alarm Panel

Small Addressable System to Feature Intuitive, Touch-Screen Control to

Simplify Operation for Facility Managers and First Responders

 1463950_10201961907600671_1199751317_n Gamewell-FCI  has recently introduced the  S3 Series™ Fire Alarm Control Panel, the industry’s first small, addressable system that features an intuitive, touch-screen display to simplify system use for facility managers and first responders. Whether used as a standalone system or part of an extensive network serving the fire protection and emergency communication needs of a multi-building campus, the S3 Series ensures straightforward operation, particularly during stressful emergency events.


The S3 Series panel dramatically improves how an end user and first responder interact with the device, eliminating confusing buttons and cryptic text displays commonly found on other systems. The S3 Series’ full-color, touch-screen interface centers-on three main operations:

  • System status – provides information on any system faults, detector dirt- levels, and voltage levels, for example;
  • Event details – displays real-time information on all emergency events, including alarm location, type of devices (i.e. pull stations, smoke or gas

detectors, etc.) and total number of devices in alarm;

  • Service mode – allows user access to various system controls for certain functions like temporarily disabling devices, output bypass and acknowledgements of alarms.


The S3 comes standard with five additional physical press-buttons located under the touch-screen display that can be customized for each facility to quickly access specific fire alarm information and control various system functions.


“The last thing a facilities manager or security guard needs in the midst of an emergency is confusion on what is causing the alarm, and when the issue has been resolved, how to reset the system,” says Steve Birdsall, vice president of sales, Gamewell-FCI. “Given our world’s reliance on smart phones and tablets, it’s time a fire alarm system incorporates that same, easy-to-use technology.”


Gamewell-FCI designed the S3 Series’ touch-screen display to be removable and installed up to 3,000 feet from the S3 Series panel in an easily-accessible area such as a lobby or entryway. Serving as a remote annunciator, the touch-screen display can provide first responders and facility managers easy access to critical fire alarm information and controls during emergencies.


Only a single pair of wires is required to support a network of S3 Series systems from one standalone panel to up to 122 panels, allowing this fire alarm to expand over time with the needs of a facility or campus while minimizing material and labor costs. The same single pair of wires can be used to connect S3 Series systems to Gamewell-FCI’s E3 Series® fire alarm and emergency communication systems currently protecting a facility, or when the ability to provide voice messages and emergency communications is requested.


Although the S3 Series is designed to be simple-to-use and compact, it provides a wide breadth of sophisticated fire alarm functions including smoke, carbon monoxide, gas and multi-criteria detection, elevator recall, fan control, graphical workstation monitoring interface, among others.


Exclusive to the S3 Series is a built-in Ethernet port (comes standard at no extra cost), which enables S3 Series systems to be connected to the Internet 24/7. Facility managers and fire alarm service providers can utilize this online connection to view system status, review diagnostics and troubleshoot any trouble or supervisory events – a big advantage that can reduce costly service calls and site visits.


The S3 Series joins the Gamewell-FCI family of intuitive, touch-screen technologies, which includes its Network Graphic Annunciator (NGA), and the FocalPoint® graphic workstation mobile tablet and touch-screen monitor.


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