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Capability Statement

Naval Vessels sometimes require a temporary alarm system while in a repair depot or undergoing a retrofit.  The Casualty Control (CASCON) System is a portable alarm and communications system that is now required on both sub and surface vessels by the NAVSEA 8010 Standard.  This requirement is mandated when the onboard life-safety systems or announcing system (1MC) is compromised.  R.B. Allen provides complete CASCON and Smoke/Heat Detection Systems that are NAVSEA 8010 compliant.


Core Competencies:

  • Experience
    • 49 Years in the Fire Alarm “Life Safety” Field
    • NICET trained Employees
    • 10 Years Supplying Cascon Systems to the US NAVY

Past Performance:

  • Successful completion of three NAVSEA Contracts totaling over $14,000,000.00.
  • Latest Contract: SPM4A8-13-D-0002.  Delivery of 14 standard Cascon Systems to: Portsmouth, Norfolk, and Puget Naval Shipyard as well as Yokosuka SRF through DLA Aviation, Richmond.
  • Contact: Christy Crumpler DLA-A-VICA, 804-279-5215
  • Positive, current CPARS report.  One entry from 5/09/2014 reads: “this contractor takes extra effort to complete an order and satisfy the Navy”.



  • Wide variety of capabilities: Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company.
  • Small, Nimble company that makes a tremendous effort to satisfy customer needs both large and small
  • Shipping, installing and service experience CONUS and OCONUS.


Company Data:

  • Established in 1966 by Robert B. Allen Sr.
  • 40+ Employees

Specific Codes and Data:

  • DUNS+4 Number: 05-400-2308
  • CAGE Code: 5E976
  • Recent NAICS 811213
  • Small Business
  • ISO 9001 2008


Recent Activity:

Since the successful completion of SPM4A8-13-D-0002 R. B Allen has developed and prototyped equipment beyond the original specification to streamline the operation of the Cascon System, create a more saleable and robust system and meet NAVSEA 8010 requirements.  Recently developed equipment includes:

  • Annunciator Panel (NAVSEA 8010 Section 8.1.2, 8.3.3 j and 8.4.5 k).
  • DC Power Extender (DCPE), increases Strobe Power Capability.
  • Audio Extender Panel (APEX), increases Audio and DC Power Capabilities.
  • Remote Network Cabinet (NRAC), expands Audio, DC, Phone and Addressing.
  • Dry Dock Voice Evacuation Speaker Arrays for open area PA.

Casualty Control / Evacuation Systems

The R.B. Allen Co., Inc. has been supplying and servicing CASCON evacuation and alarm reporting systems to America’s shipyards for over a decade. Over that time, systems have been successfully deployed and are operating in the harsh, Industrial and Maritime environments that are the hallmark of the shipyards. The R.B. Allen CASCON system was up to the challenge when needed most on the USS Miami. The CASCON System is currently deployed in many dry-docks around the country and in Japan.

CASCON Information

Cascon Brochure

As the Manufacturer of the Standard CASCON products used by US Naval Shipyards, R.B. Allen has demonstrated a successful track record in this challenging environment.

R.B. Allen has a long history of helping Public and Private entities meet their Alarm reporting and Evacuation needs

The R.B. Allen Co., Inc. is a dynamic and creative company dedicated to helping customers meet big challenges. Our current system is Scalable and flexible to meet most needs and we are always willing to explore new opportunities and assist our customers in meeting their requirements. For example, we are currently working with the Shipyards to help them meet the new CASCON requirements of NAVSEA 8010 chapter 8.

Transferable Environmental Sensor Systems

R.B. Allen has been working closely with Public and private shipyards as well as manufacturers to help meet the requirements of the NAVSEA 8010 Standard. The requirements for Smoke and Heat detection spelled out for the NAVSEA shipyards is migrating to the Private shipyards as well (per NAVSEA Standard item 009-08) and the R.B. Allen Co., Inc is able to provide the Cabling, device boxes and control equipment needed to meet this new standard. We are happy to assist you in creating the system that best suits your needs.

The R.B. Allen Co., Inc. has everything to meet your fire alarm signalling needs.

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Massachusetts State Bid List

For our public customers; significant benefits can be realized by buying off the statewide contract known as COMM-PASS. COMM-PASS is the only official procurement record system for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Benefits include time savings as well as quality products at competitive prices. The State has already done the vendor screening and offers their program to all qualified public entities. The R.B. Allen Co., Inc. is proud to be included in several State contracts, one of which may be right for you. If you would like additional information on this program please contact us.